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A Clever Move...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do we take pot plants?
A: Yes we do, but obviously they take up room in the truck because they are difficult to stack and positioning them at the new address can be labour intensive.

Q: Can I get the removalist to pack?
A:Yes we can send the removalist out to pack. A separate price can be given for boxes, tape, paper and labour.

Q: Do I need to empty drawers?
A: Empty wardrobes and heavy tall boys, however bedside chests with smalls/underwear is generally not a problem. Use common sense regarding the weight of the item being lifted.

Q: Do I need to empty my Fridge/Freezer?
A: Freezers should not be too full, no more than half full. Fridges should be cleared of all breakables and items that may spill, but salads etc. can be packed in the crispers in the bottom of fridge. For over night removals fridges/freezers can be connected to power, with prior organisation.

Q: Where can I get boxes from?
A: We can supply new and some times second hand boxes, or offer you a package deal on both.